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We will guarantee permission. Immigration lawyers provide smooth support.

No consultation fees and no costs,we will make a diagnosis about the possibility of obtaining permission for your visa.


●Ranking of requests from individuals

1 I want to marry a Japanese.

2 I want to bring my family member to Japan.

3 I want to have a family member or friend come to Japan for a short period.

4 I want to find employment or change jobs.

5 I want to start a business or create a company in Japan.

6 I want to get permanent residency.

7 I want to renew my visa.

8 I want to become a naturalized Japanese citizen.

9 I have overstayed my visa or am staying illegally, but I want to continue to live in Japan.

●Ranking of the number of requests from companies

1 We want to invite a foreign employee from overseas.

2 We want to employ a foreign person who is changing jobs or a foreign student who has recently graduated.

3 We want to conduct procedures to renew the period of stay for a foreign staff member.

4 We want to take on a foreign student for an internship.

5 We want to have someone come to Japan for a short period for business negotiations or a conference.

6 Our foreign business partner says that it wants to create a company in Japan.

Do you think that all immigration law firms are the same? (Differences from other firms)

★Our speed until application is fast!

While you are ordinarily busy with work, we will handle everything from preparation of application documents and the essay to making an application at the Immigration Bureau on your behalf, all with a sense of speed.

★High-quality preparation of application forms!

A specialist administrative scrivener will prepare high-quality application forms in accordance with the circumstances of each individual client.

★Accomplishment of prices lower than market rates!

Compared with other firms in Tokyo, we have accomplished a range of prices that are relatively low in the industry. An abundance of results!

We have produced results for visa procedures for people from a wide variety of countries throughout places such as Europe, America, and Asia.

★We use a contingency fee system.

In the event that permission is not granted after our firm has made a visa application on a client’s behalf, we will return the entire amount of the fee. At our firm there is never a situation in which a person paid money but ended up not being able to obtain a visa.

★Consultations can even be made on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Of course we conduct consultations during the day on weekdays, but for salaried workers it is also possible to conduct consultations on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Meetings for consultations are conducted by a system of making an appointment in advance, and we will ensure time for you.

★The places for consultations are convenient because they are close to Shibuya Station, Ikebukuro Station, and Ueno Station!

All of our offices are convenient because they are close to train stations. We have three offices in Tokyo.

Information about free consultations

If you have any concerns about visas, we recommend that you first consult an immigration lawyer who has detailed knowledge about visa applications. Making an early consultation is the key to ensuring visa permission.

Samurai Immigration Law Firm accepts consultations about visa applications. We will search for measures that correspond to the circumstances of each client and suggest a path to obtain permission.

We conduct free consultations, so please feel free to consult us first.

There are two methods of applying for a consultation.

* All consultations require an appointment.

1. Make a consultation application by telephone


2. Make an application through the website

We have offices in Tokyo’s Ueno, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya.

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